Nette is an asian female owned brand focusing on clean, non-toxic, and sustainable candles. Founded by Carol Han Pyle in 2020, Nette is based out of the US and manufactures her candles in France and Italy. Nette has introduced Laboratoire Monique Remy as part of their sourcing.  Located in Grasse, France — the unofficial capital of the fragrance industry — LMR Naturals was founded by Monique Remy back in 1983. Known to be the Hermés of the fragrance world, the company’s guiding principle has always been to deliver premium, 100% pure and natural extracts. The lab also has a “For Life” certification by ECOCERT, an organization that recognizes adherence to sustainability, transparency, environmental responsibility, human rights, fair and safe working conditions, and more.

After the candles burning life, each vessel is re-usable and are handmade in a family-owned glass factory based in Italy.  

 Why we love Nette: Candles can create the perfect gift or serve as the perfect scent for your home. Scents are often our strongest memories, they shape the details of special moments past. We love to have something yummy and clean burning while we work, play, and connect in our store. That's why Nette is one of our go-to's!