From the Boardroom to Here

From the Boardroom to Here

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This is a place where style meets life. Whether you are retired, a seasoned professional, and/or a busy caregiver carrying the mental and physical load of your family, we are here to inspire, empower, and add a touch of style and grace to your everyday routine. 

Why Pivot? Life is a series of pivots. I switched from being a lawyer and Fortune 100 executive to a retail store owner. Over time, I've learned that perfection is a myth. Sometimes you just have to leap because if we waited for the stars to align, we'd be waiting forever. 

What to Expect. There is a transformative power in wearing what you love. It sets the tone for the day, raises the bar on how we feel, and lifts our spirits. We'll talk personal style and share styling tips. But we'll also talk about things that affect our style like navigating parenthood, the elusive work-life balance (a term I don't like to use), and finding joy in life. 

Pivoting from Perfectionism to Authenticity. We live in a world filled with filters and curated feeds, but authenticity has always reigned supreme, at least to me. Authenticity is not just about being honest; it's about being brave, vulnerable, and willing to show up as you are in the moment. After all, it is through our challenges that we are often able to find clarity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and joining our growing community. We look forward to exploring the many facets of life, style, and the things in between.

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